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Welcome to Koala Class

Teacher: Miss O'Neill

Teacher Assistants: Mrs Allan & Miss Gardener

Learning Support Assistant: Miss Marcham



smileyHAPPY NEW YEAR!smiley




Our topic this half term is 'Different Places Similar Lives?' We be looking at the similarities and differences between the lives of people living in the UK, Poland, USA and Brazil.


In English we will be reading 'Kindlekrax' by Philip Ridley and our work will be based around this text.


In Maths we will be learning formal written methods of all four operations as well as work on fractions, angles and shape.



Christmas Stockings!

Christmas Stockings! 1
Christmas Stockings! 2
Christmas Stockings! 3
Christmas Stockings! 4
Christmas Stockings! 5
Christmas Stockings! 6
Christmas Stockings! 7
Christmas Stockings! 8
Christmas Stockings! 9
Christmas Stockings! 10
Christmas Stockings! 11
Christmas Stockings! 12
Christmas Stockings! 13
Christmas Stockings! 14
Christmas Stockings! 15
Christmas Stockings! 16
Christmas Stockings! 17
Christmas Stockings! 18
Christmas Stockings! 19
Christmas Stockings! 20
Christmas Stockings! 21
Christmas Stockings! 22
Christmas Stockings! 23
Christmas Stockings! 24
Christmas Stockings! 25
Christmas Stockings! 26
Christmas Stockings! 27
Christmas Stockings! 28
Christmas Stockings! 29
Christmas Stockings! 30

Christmas fun!

Christmas fun! 1
Christmas fun! 2

Making gingerbread

Making gingerbread 1
Making gingerbread 2
Making gingerbread 3
Making gingerbread 4
Making gingerbread 5
Making gingerbread 6
Making gingerbread 7
Making gingerbread 8
Making gingerbread 9
Making gingerbread 10
Making gingerbread 11
Making gingerbread 12
Making gingerbread 13
Making gingerbread 14
Making gingerbread 15
Making gingerbread 16
Making gingerbread 17
Making gingerbread 18
Making gingerbread 19
Making gingerbread 20
Making gingerbread 21
Making gingerbread 22
Making gingerbread 23
Making gingerbread 24
Making gingerbread 25
Making gingerbread 26
Making gingerbread 27
Making gingerbread 28
Making gingerbread 29
Making gingerbread 30
Making gingerbread 31
Making gingerbread 32
Making gingerbread 33
Making gingerbread 34

Hour of Code

Hour of Code 1
Hour of Code 2
Hour of Code 3
Hour of Code 4
Hour of Code 5
Hour of Code 6

This week we have taken part in Hour of Code. We went on to learn about coding with lots of our favourite film and games characters.


Sara 'It is really tricky at first but it is fun!'


Shakirah 'It is just like a puzzle and you have to figure out the answers, I really enjoyed it.'





Sound Investigations

Sound Investigations 1
Sound Investigations 2
Sound Investigations 3
Sound Investigations 4
Sound Investigations 5
Sound Investigations 6
Sound Investigations 7
Sound Investigations 8
Sound Investigations 9
Sound Investigations 10
Sound Investigations 11
Sound Investigations 12
Sound Investigations 13
Sound Investigations 14
Sound Investigations 15
Sound Investigations 16
Sound Investigations 17
Sound Investigations 18
Sound Investigations 19

Koala Class Newsletter

Archaeological dig for Anglo- Saxon artefacts

Archaeological dig for Anglo- Saxon artefacts 1
Archaeological dig for Anglo- Saxon artefacts 2
Archaeological dig for Anglo- Saxon artefacts 3
Archaeological dig for Anglo- Saxon artefacts 4
Archaeological dig for Anglo- Saxon artefacts 5
Archaeological dig for Anglo- Saxon artefacts 6
Archaeological dig for Anglo- Saxon artefacts 7


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