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Chessington Trip 2019

The Fire Service came to Isleworth Town.

Our visit to the London Museum of Water and Steam.

13th May 2019

The Copper Challenge, 2019.

Thank you to all the parents and friends  who emptied their piggy banks so that we could raise lots of money for Isleworth Town School. Jellyfish Class took part and had great fun making a line of copper coins in competition with the other Reception Classes. Everyone did brilliantly and made lines that stretched the entire length of the playground.

We had the Jellyfish Sharing Assembly. It was about the work we have been doing on People Who Help Us.

We have been enjoying STEM week. Here are some of the activities we have been doing this week.

We visted the Post Office in Isleworth to buy a stamp so that we could post the letters we had written to our  homes. On the way we made lots of observations about the local environment.

Dress up day for book week. 2019

Celebrating Chinese New Year. 2019

We celebrated the Chinese New Year by wearing red and learning about the customs of this celebration. 

We made dragons puppets so that we could act out the dragon dance. We made lucky money envelopes and counted how much money we had.

We made our own fortune cookies and wrote good luck messages to each other.

Christmas party 2018

Christmas Show 2018

Friday 23rd November.

We have been learning about space and found a recipe to make some Moon Rock cakes. This is what we got up to.

We had alot of fun cooking and want to say thank you to the parents who sent in the ingredients to make them.


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