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Welcome to Reception - Jellyfish!

Welcome back to Jellyfish Class. What a lovely way to start this half term with a visit to Kew Gardens. Thankyou to all the helpers that enabled us to enjoy the day. We went to Kew Gardens to introduce this half terms project on 'Our Senses.' We saw, smelt, listened, touched and tasted our way around the gardens. The children were amazing, they just walked and walked. First we explored around the Palm House looking at the tropical plants, next we had a picnic. After that we braved the Treetop Walkway where we experienced what it feels like to walk through the tops of the trees. Finally we burrowed down to discover the badgers. 
To celebrate the Royal Wedding, Jellyfish Class dressed as Princesses and Princes, made crowns, built palaces, wrote out invitations, and had a massive street party in the playground. The children ate so much that there was no party food left for the teachers, so Mrs Sheedy had to buy all the staff fish and chips.
We used our class funds to buy ingredients to make biscuits and experimented with taste and smell by using different flavours. Lemon seemed to be the favourite. Jellyfish class made some wonderful perfume from herbs. Mrs Sketchley brought in her best perfume to spray around the class. What does this smell remind you of? asked Mrs Sketchley.'Vinegar' said Sam B.

To discover the sense of touch we have been painting without brushes, making clay tiles by creating textures, fabric printing and trying to work out what's inside  feely bags. 
Next week we are going on a sea voyage and will be setting off on a journey of discovery. The children have built a boat that looks very much like the Black Pearl. We will let you know what wonders we see.

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