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Welcome to the Gazelle Class web page!


STEM week

This week has seen gazelle class participate in lots of fun STEM related activities!  On Monday morning, to start our week, we enjoyed a STEM assembly called Whizz Pop Bang!  Toxic Tim and Rocket Ian performed lots of experiments all about friction.  For example, Tim demonstrated how two plungers are kept together by the force air pressure.  Also, they used a leaf blower to demonstrate how air pressure can be used to make children float! 


We've also enjoyed a workshop where we conducted a number of chemistry experiments and made our own sherbert - we even got a lolly to eat it with!


Anther highlight this week was the police crime scene investigation.  We learnt how the police have to look very closely for clues when they go to a place where a crime has been committed.  They even find clues that can't be seen by using infra-red lights!

Earth and Space, Time and Place


This term our topic is Earth and Space, Time and Place.  We've learnt about how night and day works and experimented with light.  Mr Hulme came with his planetarium and we enjoyed learning about the constellations!  We've shared the projects we made with our friends in the class. 


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