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Now into our Summer term Teeny Townies Duckling class are very established and forming lovely friendships with their peers and Adults.


We have been experimenting with slime and enjoying getting wet in the warmer weather.


The children's ever growing confidence enables them to explore more freely in all areas especially when getting messy and being creative.

As the children's friendship groups grow this is enabling more role play possibilities, sharing their own thoughts and life experiences through play.


Our activities are planned and led by the children's interests, at this time are dominant in vehicles, Dressing up, emptying and filling containers ,Dinosaurs, sensory and still enjoying lots of gross motor activities in the garden jumping, climbing and balancing after building their own obstacles with the large bricks which have become more adventurous.

We welcome the Warm sunny weather and are looking forward to playing in our sand pit and cooling down with lots of water play in the garden.





Autumn Term 2017

Mark making.

Scooping, Pouring and filling

December 2017


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