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Isleworth Town – a community where everyone is valued and children become kind, confident and creative learners.

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Curriculum / Subject Governors

Link Governor Roles

Key Stages

i)          EYFS - Claire Islam

ii)         KS1 - Nicola Bedford and Ellie Greenwood

iii)        Lower KS2 - Esther Berryman and Soly Ismail

iv)        Upper KS2 - Ellie Greenwood and Keith Johnson


Curriculum Areas

i)          English - Nicola Bedford and Sarah Hopper

ii)         Maths - Soly Ismail

iii)        Science - Claire Islam and Soly Ismail

iv)        Computing - Keith Johnson

v)         PE - Claire Islam and Ellie Greenwood

vi)        Creative Arts - Sarah Hopper and Keith Johnson

vii)       Website - Andy James


Other Link Roles

i)          Inclusion (SEN, EAL, PPG, LAC) - Esther Berryman

ii)         Child Protection - Ellie Greenwood and Keith Johnson

iii)        Link Governor (Training/GBS) and HSGBA - Sarah Hopper and Ellie


iv)        Data Protection - Nicola Bedford




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