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Isleworth Town – a community where everyone is valued and children become kind, confident and creative learners.

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General Information


Snack Time

Your child will be provided with a healthy snack and fresh milk or water free of charge. We ask that you bring a drink for your child in a named bottle so that they can help themselves during the session-no fizzy drinks are allowed. Formula milk will not be given to your child.



Outdoor play is encouraged in our secure play area in all weathers, so please dress your child appropriately. We encourage children to develop independent skills so shoes should be easy to get on and off (velcro shoes are great). This will help when your child is trying to get wellies on/off.



We encourage lots of messy play as children love to experience this. We will provide aprons for your child but this is no guarantee that your child will stay clean! So please bear this in mind when you are bringing your child.

If your child is toilet trained or in the process of toilet training please put your child in clothes that are easy for us and them to manage (elasticated waists are also great)! Please also supply a change of clothes for your child in a named bag.



If your child is in nappies you will need to supply the pre-school with nappies and wipes in a named bag.



The cost is £20 per session (until the term after your child’s third birthday). This should be paid weekly through Parent Pay, you will be issued a letter with a personal pin number which will enable you to make these payments. If you have any form of childcare vouchers such as Computer Share these can also be used, just let us know the scheme you are signed up to. Payment must be made on or by the first day of each week your child attends. So if your child’s first day is a Monday- you would pay for all of the sessions that week on the Monday, if your child’s first day is on a Thursday- you would pay for all of the sessions that week on the Thursday. If you are experiencing any financial difficulties please do not hesitate to come in and speak to us.


Deposits for Teeny Townies


Funded Children

Due to government legislation, we do not request deposits for those children accessing funded hours only. Therefore, if your child only attends this setting for the funded hours allocated to them, no deposit will be required.


Non-Funded Children:

  •  A deposit of £20 (per child) is to be paid to the pre-school once their place has been confirmed.
  •  A deposit will ensure your child’s place and is returnable to you once your child has left Teeny Townies and all fees are paid.
  •  If you have paid your deposit to secure a place in the September intake and then wish to remove your child, a two week notice period must be given. If you fail to provide sufficient notice then your deposit will NOT be returned to you.

No reductions will be made for sickness, holiday or any other absence. In the event that your child will be absent from school, you are asked to call the school on 0208 560 5701 to report the absence.

We also require two week’s notice if your child is leaving Teeny Townies.


Session Times

Sessions run from Monday-Friday 8.45 – 11.45 OR 12.45 – 3.45

Please make sure that you are on time to pick your child up as children can get very distressed if they are picked up late. We do understand that sometimes this can’t be helped due to circumstances, in this case we ask that you phone the school as soon as possible. Lateness could also result in a charge.


Buggy Park

Teeny Townies has a lockable buggy store so you can leave your child’s buggy, bike or scooter safely inside as it will be locked at the beginning of every session and opened at the end of every session.


Collecting Children

Teeny Townies will be accessible in the mornings by both the front gates (Twickenham Road) and the back gates (Linkfield Road) however when collecting your child you will only be able to gain entrance through the front gates. For afternoon sessions this will be the reverse.



No jewellery should be worn, except ear studs.


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