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Celebrating Success - Merit Table

  Here you will find how hard the children of Macaw class have been working! 
Halfway to Bronze 
(5 Merits)
Bronze Certificate
(10 Merits)
Halfway to Silver (15 Merits) Silver Certificate (20 Merits) Halfway to Gold (25 Merits) Gold Certificate
(30 merits)
Halfway to Platinum (35 Merits) Platinum Certificate
(40 Merits)
   Hassan  Cira  Sophie        
   Robbie  Yara  Emma        
   Muj  Kieran  Aya        
   Sara  Ian          
   Harsimran  Niko          
   Deqa  Shakeela          
   Albar  Sophia          
   Jody  Aaryaman          


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