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This half term we are looking at the topic of Ourselves.  We have talked about our families, what we could do when we were younger and what we would like to be when we are older. 

We've been talking about what countries our families come from.  We found the countries on the map and pointed them out.  We are from lots of different places.


For the last two weeks we have been looking after the chicks.  We got them as eggs, watched them hatch and seen them grow.  We have had such a fun time with them and they were really interesting to watch.  We have learned a lot about them.   


We have had our entry point for you new topic 'Toys!'.  We had a teddy bears picnic with our special teddies from home.  We made yummy sandwiches and had pictures with our teddies.  
Library Visit
We have been to visit the library.  We looked at lots of books and listened to a story.  It was very interesting to look at the different books on offer. 
We explored what different materials look like under a microscope.  Everything looks very close up and it has lots of detail.  It was really interesting to look at lots of different things using a microscope. 
Kingston Toy Museum
We have had a visit from the Kingston Toy Museum.  That let us look at different toys from our time and the past.  Some of the toys were nearly 150 years old!  We really enjoyed being historians and working out the materials toys are made from.  We loved looking at the optical toys like the Zoetrope, it made the pictures seem like they were moving!


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