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Autumn Term

Christmas Party


We had a fantastic Christmas Party. First we had a dance in the hall and met a special guest, then we had some delicious food, brought in by our lovely parents and carers.

Hey Ewe!


We really enjoyed performing our Christmas Show, Hey Ewe! We practised our songs many times and lots of people helped us learn our lines and dances.

Celebrations Galore


This term we have been learning about different celebrations around the world. We've made Menorahs, leaflets about Diwali, Holi pictures and lots more. We also made our own floats to represent a celebration of our choice.



In the first part of this Autumn term we learn about our five senses and how our body uses each sense.  We think about what it would be like to lose one or more of our senses - we have some special visitors coming into school to help us with this. 



This term we have been learning about the great fire of London. We have written diary entries pretending to be children escaping from the fire. We also built our own house then burnt them on the field!


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