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Autumn Term 2014

Look at what we've been up to!

Sorting materials

Sorting materials 1
Sorting materials 2
Sorting materials 3
Sorting materials 4
Sorting materials 5

Chasing Rainbows

Chasing Rainbows 1
Chasing Rainbows 2
Chasing Rainbows 3

Here are the sound files to practise Wriggly Nativity!

01 A Wriggly Nativity.wma

02 Donkey Plodding.wma

03 Knock On Another Door.wma

05 Rockabye Jesus.wma

06 Dancing About In The Straw.wma

07 Twinkling Stars.wma

09 Skip, Skip, Skippity Hop.wma

10 Angels.wma

11 Bumping Up And Down On A Camel.wma


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