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Autumn term

Woodpecker Class have been learning about senses, we played a senses game and had a fantastic time , take a look!
Woodpecker class planned and designed floats, as part of our Topic Celebrations. In small groups we discussed, which celebration we wanted to focus on , some groups chose Holi , Diwali, Birthdays, Christmas and Halloween. As a class we really enjoyed thinking about, the construction of our floats and how we could make them better. We had an amazing time , here are some of the pictures , of us making our celebration floats.
This term we learned about, The Great Fire of London, in pudding lane on the 2nd of September 1666. We found out that the fire was started by a baker named Thomas Farynor  because an oven had been left on overnight. In art we made our own Tudor houses, to recreate our very own, Great Fire of London.


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