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Autumn 2015



In the first part of the Autumn term we learnt about our five senses and how our body uses each sense.  We learnt that our brain is part of our sensory system and thought about what it would be like to lose one or more of our senses. We had two special visitors from the Guide Dog Charity - Ivy and her guide dog Lionel.   Ivy told us more about how Guide dogs are trained and what it is like to live without your sense of sight.  In literacy we used our senses to add description to our writing.  We are great at using similes and adjectives! In science we investigated whether our sense of smell affects our sense of taste.

Can you name our 5 senses?



“Learning about our senses has been AMAZING!”


'Let's Celebrate!'

In the second part of the Autumn term we learnt about lots of different religions and the different ways that people celebrate.  We have identified many similarities between different celebrations.  We found that people usually dress in their finest clothes, celebrations are usually colourful and people usually sing or dance.  There is usually delicious food involved too!  We have been practising so hard for our Christmas production of 'Hey Ewe!' and we can't wait to share it with you!


Take a look at the photographs below to find out more...

Woodpecker Class Trip to Benjamin Franklin House

Optical Illusions - Our Art Work


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