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Welcome to Nursery

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Teacher: Mrs Ciecko

Early Years Practitioner: Mr Brewin, Mrs Lynch, Mrs Sharma

Nursery Assistant: Mrs Lawrence, Mrs Tang



The children in Nursery know how to cook and bake. We even created our own recipe book. They know they have to balance the eggs with flour, sugar and butter. Then mix the butter and the sugar together. Add the eggs and then the flour. Ta dah, the cakes are almost ready :)

The children were talking about their families and their special toys when sharing Special bags with friends

The children in Nursery have only started their school adventure;

they enjoy making new friends, exploring indoor and outdoor areas and

learning how to be independent when using the toilet or putting their coats on.


Please have a look at our weekly newsletter (which you can find on the Nursery noticeboard) to find out what we do every week and how you can support your child's development.


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